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The principal aim

Investment Dragons Ltd. is a large trading company with the primary focus of its activities concentrated on trading in exchange for assets in the Asian stock and cryptocurrency markets. Given the massive transactional volumes which consist of 17 key Asian markets, this approach makes the business profitable and commercially viable.

The primary objectives, which are the fundamental basis of our strategy, are to create the safest possible investment for our customers while receiving the maximum profit for both them and the company.

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The ways to implement the tasks.

To be able to provide its customers with competitive and quality services, Investment Dragons Limited in its commercial activities using the exchange trades across multiple directions. In particular, the company sells shares of gold mining corporations, major securities companies, securities of promising start-ups. In addition, Investment Dragons Limited actively implementing speculative trades the major currency pairs, as well as mastered crypt-currency trading, because at the moment this sector of stock exchange trading indicates a high level of growth and is promising in terms of investment.

Highlights of development.

The formation of us as a powerful team of professionals was preceded by a difficult and arduous journey, during which we received the required experience and hardening of the competition.

In 2014, in a state of active formation, our team of traders and analysts reached the level of global cooperation and international cooperation, and in November 2015 the volume of total retail transactions across the board trading for the first time exceeded 10 million USD, which is very beneficial to business reputation and the widespread recognition of our trading activities. All of these factors led us to begin the process of qualitative transformation of our team of like-minded and talented traders in a cohesive corporate spirit of the international trading companies.

In 2016, already as a registered business entity, Investment Dragons Limited has begun to show high interest in crypt-currency trading, and became to invest in some start-ups, the general thrust of which is the application of new energy-saving technologies and the use of tools that promote the growth of environmental safety.

His official registration in the relevant state bodies for accounting and control Investment Dragons Limited made in 2016, on 23 June. At that time we were already formed a team of highly skilled professionals in the field of stock exchange trading and actively used the unique trading technology as a high-tech and well-balanced trading tool. The official registration has allowed us to reach a strong Asian stock market and to expand the number of its counterparties. This trend of expansion of a circle of interests and a number of its corporate and enterprise customers, continues to grow to this day. The main emphasis in the field of exchange trading has been made on the Hong Kong stock exchange, with which we make about 35% of their trades. The remaining 16 Asian markets account for another 60%, and 5% of our working capital accounts for the rest of the world's stock exchanges, which do not significantly affect the overall trend of our cooperation with the stock exchanges in Asia. Having all the necessary resources and tools, we can open to provide their trust management services globally using the Internet. What has been realized through the creation of a new, interactive platform УКАЗАТЬ САЙТ. For us - this is a new experience and a new business. However, we are confident in our abilities and positive about the future.

The team as a basis for progress.

Regular training sessions and new programs of excellence - the basis of our growth, and victory in the competition. We understand the key command in the general trends of development and attach great importance to the training of their employees. High wages and enhanced benefits package create comfortable conditions for Investment Dragons Limited employees and make the overall situation in the collective positive and constructive. We always strive for excellence, and constantly improve the quality standards of services provided to our clients. And in many ways this is possible thanks to the close-knit, well-trained team and stress Investment Dragons Limited.

Cosmopolitanism as the basis of democratic equality in the team of the company. We are not only a company that treats its operations solely in terms of commercial gain. Investment Dragons Limited strongly supports the values of peace and unity of the collective association of free individuals. Our team could not be better reflects our moral values. The multinational team, which is composed of Americans, Poles, British, Russian, Latvians, Canadians, Belarusians, Chinese, Japanese, Czechs, Indians, as well as representatives of the countries of Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, is a team of experienced equity analysts and brokers, Combine your genius and labor enthusiasm on Investment Dragons Limited platform, which has become for us a second home and a reliable support in the business.

Our warranty.

We guarantee its customers a base yield of all their investment proposals and achieve full stability of all its investment packages at the expense of applied multi-directional investment efforts, as well as by the powerful development of our company in the most modern methods and technologies of conducting trading in different directions. Warranty and risk-free profits - the basis of the company's strategy and are factors that are implemented through Investment Dragons Limited team professionalism.

Our values and perspectives.

We see the greatest value to our customers. It is only because of their trust and loyalty; we were able to become one of the leaders in the exchange trading. We will develop our influence and professionalism in all trading areas in which there are our commercial interests and will continue to increase the level of co-operation with individual clients. In the medium-term perspective plans of Investment Dragons Limited for the next 5 years is the development of mutually beneficial relationships with individual clients is given special attention, and it will remain our main strategic line of development for the next decade.

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