Privacy policy

Investment Dragons Limited collects and analyzes personal data of their customers in order to improve its services, and we are doing this in order to optimize the process of mutual cooperation, to identify the commercial and investment preferences of customers for the purpose of a possible correction in the future of our investment proposals and investment strategy as a whole. In addition, Investment Dragon Limited offers its customers to provide some personal data for identity verification procedure, after which the investor is given the status "Verified User". With respect to these personal data the company holds special measures for storage of personal information, using dedicated storage area of the data on the servers. Besides, Investment Dragons Limited, under any circumstances, does not provide the personal data of any user to the third parties (even for the request from authorities), except the cases with the proven fact of involvement of the individual user to the financing or other support of extremist and terrorist groups.

Investment Dragons Limited ensures that all personal information will be stored using modern database technology and encryption out of the reach of third parties. Investment Dragons Limited guarantees the use of personal data provided only within this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Service. We do not share or sell the information provided to us by our customers. We do not use personal information provided for promotional, commercial or political purposes. However, Investment Dragons Limited can provide information about the identity of any of our clients to their employees to ensure that these staff can best perform their duties. Such provision of data produced under the internal regulations of the use of classified information and the use of this information is carried out under the constant supervision of the company's authorized persons.

Investment Dragons Limited guarantees complete confidentiality, not only for all provided by the Client personal information, but also ensures complete confidentiality of all transactions between the Company and the Client. Details of the commercial activities carried out by the Client with our Company, shall not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. Except when the fact proved the involvement of a particular user to the financing or other support of groups with extremist or terrorist orientation.

  • Identifiers storage (download, ratings, version history, review / status);
  • Basic data device (device type, OS version, carriers, application version, language, country);
  • Data on the user level (auto-generated user IDs to keep track of the number of entrances to the website);
  • Session data (number of sessions, session duration, date and time of the session);
  • Data on losses and breakages sessions (type of accident, the way and details of rub and / or disconnection);
  • Custom event data (such as the frequency of the events, as well as details of events);
  • Any other data that we can collect and transmit through our server and database (user ID, for example).

In addition, we collect the data that you can explore in the "Account Verification" section. In particular, we offer our customers to verify the account, provide the following personal information: Download one of the following documents to verify your name and surname:

  • Passport;
  • Driving license, both sides.

To verify your address, download one of the following documents:

  • A receipt for payment of utility bills. (Example: gas, water, electricity).
  • Receipt for payment of communications services. (Example: Internet, landline or cell phone).
  • Extract from your bank or credit card account.
  • Confirmation of an open bank account in your name.
  • Your passport registration page.
  • The notification from the tax office, with the evidence of your address.
  • The certificate of registration of your personally owned vehicle (both sides).

Requirements for all downloadable documents:

  • A clear color image;
  • The image size of 800 by 600 pixels;
  • The image should not contain any intentionally or accidentally hidden details.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact our support team as well.

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