Invest to the high-yield program

Profit up to2,5%
Periodfrom 25 to 60 days
Accrualson weekdays

Investment offer

[[ vm.plan.rate ]] % 2% - 2.5% per day personal
Tariff [[ ]]
Investment amount: $ [[ vm.plan.min | parseInt | money ]] - $ [[ vm.plan.max | parseInt | money ]] $ [[ vm.plan.min | parseInt | money ]] and more
Everyday profit: [[ vm.plan.rate ]]% 2% - 2.5% personally
Validity: [[ vm.plan.term ]] days personally
Deposit freeze: for the entire period
Profits accrual: on weekdays
Calculation of profits Tariff plan
[[ ]]

This plan contain individual conditions, for more information please contact customer support.

Profit per day:
$ [[ vm.calc.daily | money ]]
Profit over the whole period:
$ [[ | money ]]

Tariffs Investment Dragons

Tariff Income Period Conditions Interests
2% - 2.5% [[ plan.term ]] days Freeze of the deposit body for the whole period of validity On weekdays
* Personal investment conditions

Recommendations and conditions for the creation of the deposit on the «Plan 5»:

As you could see, having studied our investment rates with the help of a calculator located above, the yield, which we offer is quite high, and the terms of investment placement - dynamic and reasonably feasible. However, the company management decided to provide for customers who are positioning their investments much more seriously, the «Plan 5» tariff, which, in our opinion, is able to satisfy the most demanding investors.

In order to make a deposit on «Plan 5», the investor should have an amount of more than $ 30,000 and have a status of "Verified User". In addition, for each deposit to the tariff «Plan 5» we will conduct further consultations and determine the interest rate individually, depending on how much the client wants to invest. It is understood that depending on the value of the deposit will be indexed the percentage of return, which we guarantee.

To ensure the full and guaranteed performance of mutual obligations to each client, who invested in the «Plan 5», a written contract will be drafted, where will be indicated and guaranteed the mechanism of investments.

By investing in the «Plan 5» you can substantially increase your investment capital, while you will be given tax documents * for conducted transactions for presentation to the appropriate fiscal authorities.

* At the moment, this option is only available for Chinese citizens.

$ 39520819.57 Amount of investments
$ 3257631.16 Amount of accruals
14922 Number of investors