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1 8%
2 5%
3 3%
4 2%
5 1%
6 0.5%
7 0.3%
8 0.2%

Multilevel referral system will give you an opportunity for to earn a high-end salary.


The referral program tree

Create your own affiliate structure of 8 levels deep. It is easy to calculate that in this case you will receive 20% of the amounts of sum invested by the referrals of your structure! And the most important thing that you can do it without even having your own deposit! If you can invite new members, and are ready to take active earnings - our referral program - this is what you need! Just share your affiliate link or post a banner on the available Internet resources and increase your income! We have created good conditions for the start, and then your income can be unlimited. Entrepreneurial activity manifested by you in the course of the invitations of new members to our program will be generously rewarded with our referral program!

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